Collection: Custom Acrylic Fabrication

We quote from drawings. If you have requirements you'd like a quotation for please email your drawing to us for quotation.

You'll also find that all of our plastics can be cut to size and shape using the calculator above too.  

If we have any questions about your drawings, we'll be in touch. 

Looking for custom-made acrylic displays or boxes for your retail store? Custom acrylic science box, machine cover, cosmetic display? Just send us a photo or a hand sketch/computer drawing and we will send you a quotation.
We offer great prices, multiple discounts, and fast production. Wholesale prices - No Minimums. Laser cutting - full-color HD UV logo printing and laser engraving available.

Pleximart Acrylic Fabrication Experts.

Ensure your products are displayed creatively and professionally. Retail environments demand quality presentations to catch the eye of discerning consumers. Ensure you stand out.

With our expertise and your ideas, we look forward to working with you to bring life to your design with custom plastic fabrication!