Wall Mounted Acrylic Shadow Box for Framed Canvas, Matted Print, 3D Art

Custom Made Mini Wall Mounted Shadow Boxes 

A wall-mounted acrylic shadow box is a stylish and functional display case that allows you to showcase and protect your cherished items or collectibles. It is designed to be hung on a wall, adding a decorative touch to any space while providing a clear view of the items inside.

The shadow box is made from high-quality acrylic material, which is transparent and durable. This ensures that your items are visible and protected from dust, dirt, and damage. The acrylic material is also lightweight, making it easy to mount on the wall without causing any strain.

The box typically features a hinged door or a removable panel, allowing you to easily arrange and change the display as desired. It may also include adjustable shelves or compartments, providing flexibility in organizing and showcasing different-sized items.

The wall-mounted acrylic shadow box can be used to display a wide range of items, such as sports memorabilia, medals, photographs, artwork, figurines, or any other collectibles that hold sentimental or aesthetic value. The transparent nature of the acrylic material enhances the visibility and allows for easy appreciation of the displayed items.

Whether used in homes, offices, galleries, or museums, a wall-mounted acrylic shadow box offers an elegant and practical solution for displaying and protecting your treasured items while adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

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