Custom Made Lexan Polycarbonate Box

This custom-made box is constructed from 1/4" thick lexan polycarbonate sheet. Lexan is an incredibly strong and durable plastic material that is lightweight, crystal clear, and shatterproof. It is an excellent material choice for applications requiring transparency and impact resistance.

The box has been precision CNC machined and assembled for a secure fit.  It features a removable lid with stainless steel hinges and latch closure to allow easy access to the contents while keeping them protected.

Inside dimensions of the box are 12" x 12" x 6" (L x W x H). This provides ample interior space for storing and displaying your prized possessions. The sleek, transparent lexan material allows the contents to be viewed from all angles while safeguarding them from dust, impacts, or other environmental hazards.

With its durable lexan construction and polished professional design, this custom box makes an attractive and functional display case for collectibles, memorabilia, or other precious items you wish to protect and showcase in your home or office. Its clarity, strength and UV resistance will keep contents looking pristine for years to come.
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