Acrylic Display And Storage Cabinet - Case For Ice Cream Waffle Cones

Custom made clear acrylic display case - ice cream cone cabinet.

The display case is made of transparent acrylic plastic to allow clear visibility of the contents inside. It has a curved conical shape from top to bottom to echo the iconic shape of waffle cones and provide a streamlined, eye-catching silhouette. The base is wide and sturdy to properly support the weight of the case and its contents.

Inside the case are several clear acrylic shelves spaced apart vertically for neatly displaying individually packaged waffle cones. The shelves have small railings to keep each waffle cone upright and prevent them from sliding around. Some versions of the case may have built-in lighting at the top or bottom to attractively illuminate the cones on display.

The top of the case has a hinged acrylic lid with a latch or lock to allow opening for loading cones and cleaning while also securing the contents. The seamless clear acrylic construction showcases the stacks of colorful waffle cones inside without distraction. It creates an appealing visual focal point, attracting ice cream lovers to browse and purchase the specialty waffle cones.

Overall, the acrylic display case provides efficient vertical storage, visual appeal, and convenient access for selling ice cream cones in a retail store, cafe, or ice cream shop. Its transparent and cone-shaped design catches the eye while practically displaying the cones inside.

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